• New warehouse in the suitable location, access road is convenience for storage and handling of goods
  • Availability of business office and facilities & public utility
  • Designed and customized by professional in service warehouse
  • Standard size with 18 x 42 m = 756 m2 of utility space
  • Foundation support max. load at 10 mt/m2 and warehouse support max. load at 2 mt/m2
  • Warehouse security service
  • One Stop Service for warehousing & distribution
    • Inventory management and control
    • Order processing, inbound and outbound
    • Order fulfillment, pick and pack by order, SKU
    • Retail store distribution
    • Replenishment and fulfillment programs
Logistics Solution Design
  • Consult & design in logistic of customer product and characteristic
Warehouse Storage and Management
  • Inventory management and control
Cold Storage Warehouse Forklift and Manpower Service
WMS: Warehouse Management System
Integrated Warehouse Service with Information Technology

Accurate inventory underpins the rest of your business from making sure you can come through on promises to your custom to increase efficiency across your business. WMS is the tool that warehouse operators need to control their stock and maintain it at the optimum level.